The Best Gaming CPU : Helping you find THE ONE!

The role of a processor for a good gaming experience is known to all. In this article we will see a roundup of some of the best gaming CPUs available in the market so that the next time when you have to buy a processor, you can be in a position to make an informed decision.

There are several factors that should help you decide the best gaming CPU for you-
1. The type of games that you play- If you games like first person shooters, you should go for a system with a good video card. While, many other games that involve more calculations utilize the CPU more. Example of such games include RTS and MMORPGs.
2. Budget – You must take into account the total amount of money that you can spend on your processor. Obviously you won’t want to spend $600 on a processor if your total budget for it is $300.
3. System Specifications- For gaming purposes, go for a CPU that can effectively handle complex calculations and handle multithreading. It should render 3D objects well for a lively gaming experience. Clock speeds above 3.0 GHz are recommended, and an octa-core processing unit would be a cherry on the cake.
4. Memory Requirements- Take this as a rule, more memory is directly proportional to a better game.

Now, taking into consideration all these factors, we bring to you a list of some of the best gaming CPUs-

AMD FX 6350
Based on the second generation bulldozer architecture, AMD FX 6350 is a 6-core processor. It has 3 modules, each having 2 cores. It is built on the 32 nm manufacturing process and its temperature is low as it consumes low power. There is a built-in turbo core 3.0 technology to boost the processor’s clock rate. The clock speed is 3.9 GHz and total cache is of 8MB. provides the boost in clock rate of the processor. It has a better performance than its previous generation bulldozer’s performance, thanks to the improved instruction per clock cycle.

Intel i5 6600K
Intel i5 6600K is Intel’s latest processor which just got released in August 2015. It is sixth generation processor from the intel i series. Based on 14 nm manufacturing process, it consumes very less power, without affecting the performance. Its clock speed is 3.5 GHz and it can be boosted using the turbo core to 3.6-3.9 GHz. It comes with the new Graphic processor HD 530. A new socket LGA 1151 is required and it will support DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules which can be installed one at a time on the system. It comes with a built-in HEVC acceleration as well. This is a very good option if you are planning to buy a gaming CPU in 2015.

AMD A10-7870K
AMD A10-7870K has its GPU and CPU cores on a single die made of silicon. It is based on ‘Steamroller’, which is the Gen 3 bulldozer architecture. It is a fast APU with 3.9 GHz clock speed. The Graphics are R7 series and are based on the GCN architecture. There is a DDR3 RAM support of up to 2166 MHz. You can play any game on it without buying a dedicated Graphic Card, as DirectX 12 is supported. To get the maximum out of it, you can even use an AMD Graphic Card with it.

These were some of the best Gaming CPUs available currently. Based on this list as well as the factors mentioned, hope you pick a gaming CPU that is perfect for you and boosts your game play.


What Should You Look For In The Best L-shaped office Desk?

Obtaining the right office desk tends to be a somewhat tricky affair. As would be expected, there are numerous factors that come into play when deciding the exact features of such a product that may fit your requirement and also preferences. Some of the most notable include elegance, functionality and even durability. When it comes to L-shaped office desks, most individuals usually regard them as ideal solutions that are in an excellent position of providing for all the above and more prerequisites. Below is a brief review of just what to look for in the best L-shape office desk if you are drawn to these products.

Detachable sides

To begin with, these kinds of desks are highly noted for their space savings attributes. Virtually all L-shaped desks can be spread out within an open floor plan. While at the same time, if needed, they can also be tucked away into a corner if space is an issue. Ideally, when looking for the right solution, it can be best to settle for a desk that comes with detachable sides. This will allow you to arrive at the right office arrangement even if your workspace is limited in terms of space.


On the issue of durability, there is a wide variety of options that are laid out for you. For instance, there is quite a large number of L-shaped office desks that integrate reinforced metallic frames. These types of desks can effortlessly stand the test of time, especially those whose frames are crafted from non-scratch metals such as steel. On the other hand, there are real hardwood varieties that are also widely acclaimed for their unparalleled durability.


Another issue when trying to decide just which is the best L-shape office desk for your distinct needs is the type of desktop it integrates. Essentially, you need a spacious desktop that can conveniently accommodate all your working tools and equipment. This includes your computer monitor, printer, scanner, telephone, fax machine and so on. You need a desktop that will put all these work items within easy reach while you proceed with your work. To which end, the ideal loading capacity of such a desktop should be at least not less than 80 lbs for it to be able to comfortably hold all these and more items. For added elegance, you can opt for a glass desktop, which is crafted from a heavy duty type of glass.

Storage space

Storage is also an important factor to ponder on when selecting an L-shaped office desk. Typically, you want a product that comes with sufficient drawers, at least on one of its sides , where you can effectively store all your critical office documents. This will also put them within easy reach whenever you wish to review them.

CPU caddy and appropriate keyboard shelf

When it comes to your CPU , you will want an L-shaped desk that provides a separate caddy for it. Ideally, an elevated one that can offer sufficient cooling and protection for your computer. You will also want a desk that has an ergonomically designed keyboard shelf, which can enable you to use this essential peripheral device without any discomfort. Well, there you have it, with these factors in mind, you can be able to obtain the very best L-shape office desk for your requirements.